A Place to Share My Poetry

I should be working on a Philosophy paper right now, but I think it’s time I start posting my writing.  What’s the point of writing if no one else reads it?  Here’s an ekphrasis poem I wrote last year based on Jackson Pollock’s Lavender Mist (1950):

No. 1 (1950): A Triptych



I imagine this painting on the floor:

I stand on the edge of a bridge, look down

at the metallic waves. My hands wrap

around the rusted railing, tremor

as each car speeds past. I want

to fall into lavender mist, dissolve

until my veins spread across the water

like the black scars across the stretched

canvas skin.



There is no boundary between falling asleep

and into a dream. Only the flat dark fields

beneath eyelids that soon pixelate, transform

into rising slate storm clouds. I lie

on the canvas, gallons of paint cascade

onto my body –

my skeleton cements itself, refuses

to run from the sharp, black shadow

hands that claw at my eyes, twist

my esophagus. I call out your name –

swallow more spilled paint instead.


Silver-blue blobs and streaks of white

make winter in this lavender forest.

I walk through the birch bones

and see the whirls of my fingertips

in their bleached bark. I carve

a heart into one, draw a crack

between the halves and lose

track of my footprints. Some leaves

still cling to their green, hang

and shiver from their branches

like half-formed thoughts, abandoned

at their dendrites’ ends. I walk

in circles, try to follow the clouds.

I find shed snakeskin nailed

to a tree in the shape of the moon.

It shimmers iridescent.